Saturday, January 14, 2012

Flame Tree hybrids

Brachychiton 'Jasper Bells'
When I got an email from Peter this week promoting a native tree I nearly fell off my chair. He has never been one to even mention native plants let alone use them in his garden designs. So this tree is a hybrid between Brachychiton bidwilli and B spectabile and has been grown on B. rupestris rootstock. It and other different coloured hybrids are available from Brent Vieritz at Colours of Eden, 32 Bishops Road, Beachmere in Queensland. Telephone 07 54962181

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  1. Ian
    I was looking for Brachychiton Jasper Bells info and through your site found a source just down the road from me.
    How unusual in the gardening world!
    I know of a gentleman in northern NSW who has been breeding interspecific hybrids for years, but has never sold any as far as I know.
    He is trying to produce dwarf shrubby specimens.
    Love your site.
    Robert Percy